Introducing, Doodlebug…


From that first grasp of those little fingers around yours, you know the ride will be amazing.. And with that, nothing but the best will do for your little one.

And in this fast paced, ever changing world, Doodlebug strives to give your child all they need to make those life-changing early years a wholesome and wonderful experience. 


Here is where we let their imagination grow. This may as well be home away from home. 


Smile. Laugh. Discover. Grow. Become. (And a little crying never hurts anyone)



Doodlebug For The Little Ones…


Remember those days when all you do is run around with a group of friends, and yet get so much out of the day? That, is socializing.. that, is autonomy, self determination.. that, is honing your motor skills.. that, is art.. that, is exercise.. that, is creative freeplay.. That, is what Doodlebug is about. 


A destination; where kids can be kids. Meet new friends. And together, enjoy participating, exploring, discovering and learning all in one go. All this, under our Doodlebug roof.. and our spacious green outdoor garden. No mozzy bites here! Yes! We took care of that, too. 


There are just no end to their development and creative stimulation at Doodlebug.



Doodlebug For You Too!


Doodlebug is designed so that you can either join your kids in creative play or keep them easily in view from our delightful café (coming soon!), even meet new friends for you too!


Parent and baby bonding activities for those precious growing years..


Or simply drop them off and enjoy your time. Whether it’s catching up with your friends, shop, exercise, or re-energize yourself.


And how about using this little piece of heaven for a party, or a playgroup venue?



Regain that balance in your life,


The Doodlebug Duo

Liz and Dura

Call us!

012-353 0501

Doodlebug @ The Bungalow, 9 Lorong Damai 9, 54000, Kuala Lumpur

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