Movement Series


Movement Series:



Martial Arts – Muay Thai (5yrs and above), Saturday, 10.30 am

This class focuses on team work, respect amongst each other. It’s all about foot work, eye hand coordination, conditioning, flexibility, endurance, self defense, breathing technique and strength. Suitable for parents too!




Groove & Grow (18mths-3yrs) 45mins, scheduled Thursday 3.30 pm

Provide an essential foundation for toddler’s future dance expressions. This class combines creativity and imagination with music, exercise and discipline.


Mini Groove Club (3yrs-5yrs), scheduled Tuesday 3.30 pm

A course of Jazz, Hip Hop and Yoga Dance! 



Yoga Dance (3yrs and above), scheduled Friday 3.30 pm

Unique in style, Yoga Dance transcends the traditional boundaries of yoga to incorporate the flowing movements of dance. Making it easy and fun for the kids!



Malaysian Dance (3yrs-5yrs), Coming Soon!

Learn the colourful Malaysian culture through all our traditional graceful dance moves.


Call us at 012 353 0501 to sign up or drop us a line and we’ll keep you posted on what’s new at DOODLEBUG!


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