I’m in pain..

So I attended the kick boxing class on Saturday, and paying BIG time for it! Don’t get me wrong, the class was great.. (there’s just something about pretend punches..) But I haven’t exercised in a very long time (read: lazy). And so I was completely at the mercy of my stiff leg muscles, looking very much like an old woman needing a cane this past few days.

With all that said, I LOVED it, and looking forward to the next class, and lean muscular thighs and deadly punches that can crush anything or anyone for that matter!

*Muay Thai classes runs every Saturday, 10.30 am!


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No Class This Saturday

Just a quick announcement on the Muay Thai sneak preview class scheduled tomorrow will be moved to next Saturday, 11th April.


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Sneak preview!

Come join us for a sneak (read: FREE!) preview of selected classes!

Saturday, 4th April (Yes! It’s this Saturday!), 10.30 am – Martial Arts (Muay Thai) : 5 yrs and above! (Yes, parents are welcomed! And I’m counting myself in!) 

Tuesday, 7th April, 4.30 pm – Mini Matisse : 3yrs – 5yrs

Wednesday, 8th April, 4.30 pm – Tell a Tale : 3 yrs – 5 yrs

Thursday, 9th April, 4.30 pm – Tune In (Music) *new* : 3yrs – 5yrs

I did mention that it’s free, right? So what are you waiting for? Call us at 012 353 0501 now and book your place!

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Adrenalin Rush!

I’m feeling the rush now! Similar to how I felt when I was strapped to that ride at Vegas’ Stratosphere.. purchasing my first Fendi bag.. seeing Naiara for the first time.. waking up to Pamela Anderson look alike breasts.. (the list goes on and on but I’ll stop here before I reveal too much about myself) .. all rolled into one.

So many people share my vision on Doodlebug, and I am so excited!

We’re taking in sign ups for all our classes! And we’re starting in April! For those who are already in our mailing list, watch out for our mail! Everything should be updated Sunday night.

Hmmm.. I should start drinking coffee..


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Pizza, Anyone?

Flour, yeast and kids..

Mix and knead till heart is content.

Tomatoes, mushrooms, pepperonis, cheese and more kids..

Yes, we all survived and the pizzas were delicious! And creative to boot!

Some snapshots from Let’s Bake – Pizza!

The chefs in action..170320091018


This is mine.. no peeking please!170320091029

Most creative pizza decorator.. Martha Stewart, watch out!170320091030

The whole gang with their yummy pizzas…170320091035

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School’s Out!!

This just in! Literally! For next week’s school holidays, we will be holding 2 special School’s Out activities series. See below for details.

“School’s Out! Let’s Bake” and “School’s Out! Get Crafty” are perfect for filling up your kids time, and of course some peace of mind to you!


Call us at 012 3530501 and book your place now to avoid disappointments!

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Rain can’t stop us!

Thanks to everyone who came for the swap meet! It’s so great to see everyone who suppports our cause and came to make it all happen.

For those who attended the Baby Signs talk we are so happy with your enthusiasm! I know during the class we mentioned that we will be holding the Baby Signs Course on Feb 14th, but due to some unforeseen circumstances we will have to postpone this a later date.

To those who have signed up for classes, Thank you!!! We are looking at some minor adjustments on the schedules, but we will keep you posted on this and reach all of you via your preferred contact details. For those who are interested to sign and get our introductory price of RM35 per class, call us or leave us a comment so we can get in touch with you.

Yay Doodlebug!

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